Diary Moleskine_03

my new book starts here....

Fashion Folds

a few more...

Fashion Folds

Somethings need to be kept in wraps they say...can be something as simple as your favourite dress..
here a few garment wraps handpainted ..

Quilling - Fridge magnet

Got a few paper punches mixed quilling with a bit of paper punch craft...looks good.
Made it my fridge magnet.

Quilling art / Paper filligree_02

done with gradient paper strips and following a theme...with whites and greens..

the pinks

the oranges

the blues

the pinks and purples..

a shade different..(phototrick)

Quilling art / Paper filligree_01

Quilling for me started when i was on my vacation to Australia in 2003....have been quilling since then though itsy bitsy stuff...putting some of them which i have done recently...
done last year for a friend

greens....swirls and florals

close up view

quick roses birthday card